The new BOBO kid's area of the 1. Skischule Kühtai offers:

  • Safe, fenced exercise area
  • The area is right next to the meeting point
  • Ski school owned SunKid-magic-carpet conveyor band
  • Kids warm-up-room next to the exercise area
  • Modern means to facilitate exercises (stabs, ropes, hats, posts, gates, arches and much more)
  • Big playground right next to the exercise area

Penguin BOBO ...

Penguin BOBO has moved to Kühtai.

Children - watch out: From now on a very special fellow is on the move on Kühtai's slopes - pengiun BOBO! The Penguin is crazy about snow and brings a lot of drive and fun to the children's ski lessons. BOBO skis through Kühtai and visits the ski beginners in the colourful Kinderland (kid's country). There he motivates the children so that everybody will soon be able to whizz over Kühtai's slopes.

BOBO will visit all the children in the nursery, even if they are too small to ski. The spacious area that is located directly above the ski school office, offers a large range of toys and a lot of space to frolic with the funny penguin.

All information about BOBO's kid's club

BOBO's rules in the Kinderland (kid's country)

Dear mummy, dear daddy,

I'm very much looking forward to my ski lessons with BOBO. BOBO told me today, that there are some important rules to observe, so that everything runs smoothly in the Kinderland (kid's country) with all the kids.

So, if I'd like to learn skiing, I have to be 4 years or older

I need a helmet, warm ski clothes, gloves/mittens and of course goggles/sun glasses and sun cream. We do not need to rent poles, I don't need them for my first class.

And, like at home in the nursery, I have to stay alone with my group, without you, grandma and grandpa. Of course, how shall I learn skiing if you constantly draw my attention and I always have to wave you. Maybe I'm crying a bit sometimes because I miss you, but BOB says that this is normal and, when we do the BOBO-dance after our rest, I forget about it and have a lot of fun again.

If you allow me to practise undisturbed in my group. I'll whizz with you through Kühtai on my skis after a few days and win my first medal in the children's ski race.

But - if I'm crying the whole time and if I don't like skiing yet, please understand me. BOBO says that this is not a problem at all. My instructor will take me to the nursery and I can play there during the rest of the week.

And next year we come back to Kühtai and then I'm ready to learn to ski!